Free Beginners Guide to Photography Basics


Welcome photo ninja, to this series of free beginners photography tutorials. I know, you might have just started photography and everything is written in alien language by evil ninjas. If you want to get better with photography, you are at the right place.

I understand the pain, and on top of that, there are way too many of those “secret photography bibles” out there (that you need to pay a lot of money for). There are way too much boring technical stuff to read, which is why I wrote this guide compressed with everything you need to know to get started.

Don’t worry about payment, because there is none… Except for a few ads, and referral links to recommendations. So thank you if you decide to pick up some of my recommendations, it will keep this blog going on – for free.





I have designed this guide to give you as many things that you can use immediately as possible. Yes, the technical stuff is boring, but necessary. But I kept them as short as possible, and you just need to have a little bit of patience and have some fun!


You might want to bookmark this page. Seriously. This is going to be a long read, and I do not recommend trying to finish all of these in a day.


Reading will only give you limited knowledge. You need to go practice to become better. Also feel free to ask questions in the comments, it will help me to make this series better too.



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Part 1) How to Choose a Perfect Digital Camera and Lens

Just started with photography? Have not even gotten a decent digital camera and lens? This guide will walk you right through on the things you need to consider for getting a perfect camera.

Part 2) Photography Composition Rules for Great Photos

Want to take great photos without all the technical stuff? This is the place to start. Learn how you can apply a few simple composition rules and instantly become better.

Part 3) Photography Lens Filters and The Cheap Fantastics

Nope, not the digital effects that you can apply by pressing a few buttons. This guide will walk you through the real deals and why physical filters are still important.

Part 4) Camera Autofocus

Still taking blur photos? That is because autofocus is not really auto. In this guide, you will learn how to take better control of autofocus.

Part 5) Camera Metering

What the heck is metering? Ever wonder why your photos turn out too bright or too dark sometimes? This guide will explain a little more, and how you can have more control over it.

Part 6) Solving The Mystery of Exposure Triangle

Ready to take full control of your camera and photos? It’s time to go from auto to manual, and there is only one thing you need to understand – the Exposure Triangle.

Part 7) White Balance

What is white balance? Can colors be balanced? What the heck is this? This guide will answer these mysteries.

Part 8) Camera Burst Shot & Bracketing Photography

Ready to go fast-and-furious with photography? This guide will teach you how to take multiple shots at one time, and catch those fast moving subjects.