Live Stream Facebook From Your Desktop With Free Software

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It’s so annoying. On Android and iPhone, you can just hit the Facebook live button. But on the desktop, the “go live” button is nowhere to be found. Why can’t we Facebook live on desktops? Shouldn’t the desktop be much better than smartphones and tablets?

Well, it seems that you can actually go live from the desktop. But technology on the desktop is a little more complicated, so you will need to install additional software to get the magic working. Welcome to my guide on Facebook Live, where I will explain 2 ways to go live from your desktop.


If your desktop does not have a webcam, or you are planning to upgrade your webcam, I will recommend getting one from Logitech. This can be completely optional though, you can choose to stream a game or app without any live commentary.


Windows running Android running Facebook

This method is very simple, and that is to run Android on your computer. This will turn your computer into a giant tablet, you should be able to install the Facebook app, and go live on your Windows or Mac PC. (You will need a webcam and microphone attached to your computer.)

You might be thinking that there is going to be a lot of technical stuff here. But no, I shall introduce an Android emulator called Bluestacks, and it’s simple as download install done.

B-1) Simply download and install Bluestacks in your Windows or Mac like any other application.

B-2) Fire up Bluestack, go to the PlayStore, install Facebook.

B-3) Everything should work just like Android… it is Android.

You should be able to go live with the Facebook App now, and even run Android games on your PC! The only issue I have with Bluestacks is that, it really is inefficient as an emulator. You will need quite a powerful computer to pull things off smoothly.


On the bright side, BlueStacks has a very good addition called BlueStacks TV. That is, an app that allows you to live stream Android games on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Much interesting as it is, I see a lot of feedback on games not working and quirks everywhere. Well, it is an emulator. But with some time and patience, I am sure they will slowly improve in the future.


This is the preferred method that many people are using – an app called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS for short). It is free, and it rocks. OBS does not just do Facebook live streaming, but also does YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion and so much more… You can even records raw videos to edit later. For those who loves live streaming, this is one tool you should not miss.

C-1) Download and install OBS.

C-2) Launch OBS, start by adding a new scene. You can name the scene whatever you want.

C-3) Add a new source, then choose “Video Capture Device” to add your webcam.

C-4) If you have a seperate microphone, add it by choosing the “Audio Input Capture”.

C-5) If you want to stream your desktop, you can add another “Display Capture”. Feel free to play with the rest of the sources – Games, Windows, or even use the image to slap your logo in.

Quick Tutorial) Click-and-drag the sources to sort them, and click on the eye to hide it. You can resize and move each source on your scene as well.

C-6) Now go to your Facebook Page -> “Publishing Tools” -> “Videos” -> “Live”.

C-7)  Copy the stream key and hit next.

C-8) Go back to OBS, hit settings. Paste the stream key in, and hit “OK”.

C-9) Now just start streaming. Note : We are not done yet.

C-10) Back in Facebook, enter your video name, comments and tags THEN go live.


That’s it people, you did it. Take note that the streaming key is invalid once your stream stops. So every time you want to start a new stream, you have to grab a new key from Facebook and redo the steps again.

Alternatively, if you do not want live streaming, you can record as a video, edit it, then post it later. Hope this guide has helped you and good luck with live streaming!

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