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Hey guys, following up with my Photoshop freebies and goodies post (link below), I figured to do another one for you guys. This time round, I compiled a list of good stuff for Lightroom. Surprisingly, free Lightroom presets are hard to find and most of them are paid options… but I still managed to dig up a (hopefully) decent list, enjoy.


1) PresetLove : This is probably my number one site for finding Lightroom presets, and it has a lot of it. All for free.

2) : A set of 33 pretty decent presets, but you need to register to get them. Which is not difficult with “login with Facebook”.

3) OnOne : These guys sell their own products and stuff, but they do have a small collection of free Lightroom presets.

4) Contrastly : They have a large and nice presets collection, but you need to pay for it. Well, you can still grab their sample pack and try it out.

5) Sleeklens : Another nice collection of paid presets. Their starter is free, go grab it.

6) Shutter Pulse : Paid site again… sign up for their mailing list to get a set of presets for free.

7) Presets Galore : Offers some decent freebies.


Steps to install presets – Unzip your downloaded preset files first -> In Lightroom, go to the “Develop” tab -> Create a new folder under the “Presets” section on the left -> Right click on the new folder, click on import -> Select your preset files -> Open.


8) Nik Collection : Nik collection works for both Photoshop and Lightroom. Used to cost quite a bit, but is free now. Go download before Google change their mind.

9) Export to Facebook : This is not a pretty looking plugin nor website, but this is one very convenient plugin that allows you to export to any Facebook album that you have control of.

10) Adobe Add-ons : The official Adobe marketplace. Where else better to look for add-ons?


I am not a huge fan of Lightroom, but these are the few presets that I found to be rather useful. These are ultimately my personal likes and recommendations, please don’t burn me if our taste buds don’t match.  😛

1) White Snow : Nice preset that skews towards the cool colors side.

2) Warm Cinematic : The opposite of the cool preset, this one gives you the nice warm look.

3) Zen Film B&W : I love the old black and white vintage feels. But for some reason, I can never get them right while editing in Photoshop. This is one mighty decent black and white preset.

4) Vintage Garden : Did I not mention I like vintage feels? This one is in color.

5) Cloud : This one skews toward green and lomography.

6) Rising Star : Brings out that bold, contrasty, and punchy look.


This is the link to my other goodies post for the Photoshop users.

Free Download Photoshop Brushes, Plugins, Textures and Goodies


Here ends this short list of goodies. I have tried my best, and hope this list has been useful to you. If any of you guys know where to get more Lightroom goodies, please do comment below and share. I will add it into the list.


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A short disclaimer : Those are affiliate links above. Which means I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links, and it really helps to keep this blog going. 😉

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