Free Beginners Guide to Photography Lighting Basics


Having trouble with flash photography? No idea where to get started with all of these flash, LED, and reflector equipment stuff? Lost in the sea of lights? You are not alone, and that is how I was as a beginner as well.

Back then, the Internet only offered bits-and-pieces of separate information. I literally had to gather information from all over the Internet, and try make sense out of it. But today, things are a lot easier. There are plenty of tutorials lying around, but take extra care that you might have to pay for some of those “complete courses”.

Rest easy. That is not going to happen here. Freely did I learn from the Internet, so free am I going to give this away. Well… not exactly free. There will be some ads and recommendations along the way. So if you decide to pick up some of those recommendations, thank you, and that will help to keep this blog free.





This is not some short useless point form article. So brace yourself, this is a series of comprehensive guides. Starting from the boring concepts, to explaining the equipment, to tips on using them – Just start at whichever stage you are comfortable with.


You might want to bookmark this page. Seriously. This is going to be a long read, and I do not recommend trying to finish all of these in a day.


Reading will only give you limited knowledge. You need to go practice to become better. Also feel free to ask questions in the comments, it will help me to make this series better too.



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