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Howdy people, in one of my older post, I gave a long list of where to download free stock photos (link at the bottom of this post). So now, I figured to make another post on where to download free Photoshop brushes, free Photoshop Plugins, free textures and goodies for you fellow Photoshoppers.

Yep, just as my previous post, this is a small note before you go on a download frenzy – Some of these “free resources” may be free for your personal projects, but not it’s not free for commercial use. If you do not want to be bitten by the law bug, always check the usage license to be on the safe side.


1) Brusheezy : My number one site to spam for brushes, patterns, and textures. Yes, Brusheezy has an insane amount of resources for your projects.

2) My Photoshop Brushes : Another mighty decent site with plenty of brushes, patterns and gradients.

3) Brush Lovers : Plenty of decent brushes here, coupled with some other useful resources.

4) : Free brushes, free icons, free fonts, and more.

5) DeviantArt : A large community of artists sharing their works. You will find some brushes here, but note that you might need permission from the original artist to use it in your projects.

6) Brush King : As their tag line goes, lot of free Photoshop brushes.

7) Fbrushes : Another large collection of brushes, patterns and textures.

8) 123 Free Brushes : Not insanely huge, but still a decent collection.


For those who are new to Photoshop, this is a short video on how to import brushes. For those who are too lazy to even view a video, Edit -> Presets -> Preset Manager -> Load.


9) NIK Collection : This used to be a rather expensive set of plugins that Google took over. Now it’s free! Go download before Google changes their mind.

10) Lorem Ipsum Generator : What the heck is lorem ipsum? Well, it’s dummy text. If you are too lazy to think of random text for your website mock-up, just install this plugin.

11) Polar Projection : Seen those “tiny planets” online before? Too lazy to do it yourself manually? Then this plugin is for you.

12) Adobe Add-ons : The official Adobe marketplace. What better place to look for Photoshop add-ons? Yes, this is a mix of paid and free plugins.

13) Auto FX Sampler : Their plug-ins are not free, but they do offer a set of 10 sample plugins for free. These are a set of assorted plug-ins for touching-up.

14) PSDCovers : Not really a plug-in. But this site offers high quality mock-ups on products – ebooks, cans, bags, containers, and so much more. It also has a Photoshop extension so you can find all the products quickly. A must have for anyone doing commercial products design.

15) Watermark CC : One click to add your watermark to the photo, or you can mass attach to many photos at once.


16) : An insane huge collection of textures. It’s a library, what do you expect?

17) Texture Palace : Quite a sizable collection of textures, although quite a pain that you need to subscribe to download some of the textures.

18) : A large collection of free photos, textures, and even PSD template files.

19) : This site has a large and well organized collection of textures.

20) : Another site with a decent collection of textures.

21) Ftextures : A large collection and free for commercial use.


22) Flat Icon : An insane collection of icons, they even have an add-on for Photoshop.

23) IconFinder : Another huge collection, do note the usage license though.

24) Freebiesbug : Not just free icons, free icons in PSD and a lot more.

25) FindIcons : An old site that has been around since 2010, and a huge collection.


My previous post on where to download free stock photos. As in, sites providing totally free photos in the public domain or released with the CC0 license (free for commercial use).

Websites To Download Free Stock Photos That Don’t Suck


It’s a whole jungle of freebies out there, but which is the best? Well, I can’t tell you which, but I shall recommend the most common resources that I use. For the record, I am an “effects heavy” guy. So some of these may not really apply for you. Don’t burn me. 😯

1) NIK CollectionI am a lazy guy. I love how quickly Silver Efex Pro can produce great looking black-and-white edits. I love playing with Analog Efex Pro to create those vintage looking photos. There are just so many things NIK collection can do, and thankfully it’s free now.

2) Imagenomic Portraiture : This is not a free plug-in. But this is also one of the best skin retouching software out there.

3) Watermark CC : One click to attach your watermark, how convenient.

4) Dust Particles Brush : You can laugh at how stupid this sounds. Dust? Really? Yes, put that dust into a ray of light, and put it into a battle scene. Just by including these small details really add to the realism of your edits.

5) Broken Glass Brush : There’s plenty of these broken glass brushes. Pretty cool, and you can use them in your “shattered” or “disperse” effects.

6) Grass Brush : I find this a better one than the “default” Photoshop brush. Comes in handy when blending someone standing on grass.

7) Lightning Brush : Which effects guy don’t have this?

8) Feathers Brush : Falling feathers, they always add to the epic.

9) Fire Brush : More effects. There are tons of fire brushes and stock photos for fires, but this is one brush set that I use.

10) Grunge Texture : A set of decent grunge textures. Good for backgrounds, or for creating that rough, dirty look.

11) Clouds Texture : A set of decent clouds and moon. Good for those fantasy landscapes.

12) Washed away gradient : This is one set of gradients that I use in color grading. That washed out moody feel is perfect for the darker moments.

13) Learn Photoshop Editing : No idea how to put all the resources to work? This is not free, but a good set of tutorials that I recommend.


All right, here comes the end of list. No free lunch they say? Well, you just need to look deeper. Enjoy the goodies.


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A short disclaimer : Those are affiliate links above. Which means I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links, and it really helps to keep this blog going. 😉

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