Photography Lighting Tutorial – The Ultimate Free Beginners Series


Welcome to our free photography lighting tutorial! Having trouble with camera lighting equipment? No idea how to deal with photography lighting setup? Confused over studio lighting equipment? You have come to the right place, and you are not alone; That is how I was as a beginner as well.

Back then, the Internet only offered bits-and-pieces of separate information. I literally had to gather information from all over the Internet and try to make sense out of it. But today, things are a lot easier. There are plenty of tutorials lying around, but take extra care that you might have to pay for some of those “complete courses”.

Rest easy. That is not going to happen here. Freely did I learn from the Internet, so it’s time for me to give some stuff freely back to the community. Well… this tutorial series is not exactly free. There will be some ads and recommendations along the way. So if you decide to pick up some of those recommendations, thank you, I will make some commissions that will help to keep this blog free for all.



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This is not some short, useless point form article. So brace yourself, this is a whole series of comprehensive guides. Starting from the boring concepts, to explaining the equipment, to tips on using them – Just start at whichever stage you are comfortable with.


You might want to bookmark this page. Seriously. This is going to be a long read, and I do not recommend trying to finish all of these in a day.


Reading will only give you limited knowledge. You need to go practice to become better. Also feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, it will help me to make this series better too.



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Want to learn more about flash photography? Here are 3 books that might interest you. I recommend The Flash Book by Scott KelbyGreat Photography with Just One Light by Tilo Gockel, and Creative Flash Photography also by Tilo Gockel.



Part 1) Basic Rules of Lighting in Photography

The raw basics of laws and theories, the worst and best place to start a lesson. Yes, it is a boring lesson, but a necessary one. Think you know everything about light already? Now it’s time to look at the world with a different light.

Part 2) Natural Light Photography

Sunlight exists nearly everywhere on the surface of Earth, and we have no control over it. So natural light photography should be the first skill that every photographer should master.

Part 3) Flash Photography Basics

The flash unit is probably what most photographers will start with. Technology has made things very simple these days, just mount it, and it just works. But if you are serious about photography, there are a lot more to learn about the flash, and this is where you start.

Part 4) One Light Photography

Can you take good photos with just one flash? Yes you can. One light can rule them all, and all you need are some skills and knowledge.

Part 5) Studio Lighting Basics

Already familiar with the basics and ready to take up the challenge? This part of the tutorial series will walk you through some of the lighting equipment used in a studio, and how to deal with a multiple lights setup.

Part 6) Flash Photography Tips

All the flash photography tips and techniques complied into one guide for easy consumption. Thor not included, each sold separately.

Part 7) Types of Photography Lighting Styles

A compilation of the different kinds of photography lighting styles. All in one guide for your easy reference.