The Complete Tokina Lens Abbreviations and Acronyms



Established since the 1950s, Tokina is yet another old name in the third party lens world. Not to be confused, Kenko uses Tokina as the “brand name for producing lens”. So Kenko filters and Tokina lens, they are quite literally the same company. Tokina does not have a long list of abbreviations and acronyms, but still has some very decent lens. Either way, here we go.




  • FX : This lens is built for full frame cameras.
  • DX : This lens is built for crop sensor cameras.
  • AT-X : Advanced Technology Extra, the “normal” consumer line of lens.
  • AT-X Pro : The professional series line of lens.




  • AS : Aspherical optics, lens with sexy curves. Read more on Wikipedia.
  • F&R : Both front and rear elements of the lens are aspherical.
  • D : Digital optimized. Lens has optics optimized for digital cameras. The optics-optimized rhymes too.
  • SD : Super Low Dispersion. Supposedly better prevents chromatic aberration.
  • MC : Lens with multiple layers of coating. Reduces ghosting, flaring, and produces better images.
  • HLD : High-Refraction and Low Dispersion. Simply, even better chromatic aberration control plus image quality.




  • IF : Internal Focus, the manual focus ring does not turn while auto-focus does it’s yoga.
  • IRF : Internal Rear Focus. Same as above, with the exception that only the rear element(s) move during focusing. Supposedly faster and quieter.
  • FE : Floating Element System. Uses the power of the force. Not. Just some technical stuff about auto-focus to prevent distortion.
  • FC : Focus Clutch. Something very simple. The focus ring can be snapped back and forth, switching between auto and manual focus.
  • One Touch FC : Not quite sure about the “one touch” part, but from Tokina’s explanation, this is an improved focus clutch.


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