The Complete Tamron Lens Abbreviations and Acronyms



Tamron, yet another great third party lens maker full of mysterious marking and codes. Fear not, this Tamron lens abbreviations and acronyms guide will help you understand their geek language.




  • Digitally Integrated (Di) : Range of lens made for the digital full frame cameras, which can be mounted on the crop (APS-C) sensor cameras as well.
  • Digitally Integrated II (Di-II) : Range of lens for crop sensor cameras.
  • Digitally Integrated III (Di-III) : Lens built for the mirrorless (crop / micro four-thirds) cameras.
  • Super Performance (SP) : An alternate way to say “expensive professional grade lens”.




  • Aspherical (ASL) : The shape of this lens is sexy. Please read “aspherical” on Wikipedia.
  • Low Dispersion (LD) : Lens built with glass to reduce chromatic aberrations.
  • Extra Low Dispersion (XLD) : The improved version of low dispersion.
  • High Index, High Dispersion (HID) : A confusing way to say “better glass”.
  • Anomalous Dispersion (AD) : Special glass for better color correction and chromatic aberrations control.
  • Extra Refractive (XR) : Supposedly lighter and more compact lens.
  • LAH : A combination of ‘LD + ASL’.
  • ADH : A combination of ‘AD +ASL’
  • Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency Coating (eBAND) : A very long confusing name and special lens coating. Very simply reduces flaring, ghosting, and improves image quality.




  • Ultra Silent Drive (USD) : Not to be confused with “United States Dollars”, this is Tamron’s silent auto-focus motor.
  • Piezo Drive (PZD) : A smaller, lighter and more efficient AF motor.
  • Built-in Motor (BIM) : This lens has a built-in motor, so if your camera does not have one, AF will still work.
  • Internal Focusing (IF) : The focus ring will not turn while auto-focus is working.
  • AF/MF : This lens has a dedicated manual focus override switch.
  • Full-Time Manual Focus (FTM) : Note, this is a rather misleading abbreviation. The lens still has auto-focus, but this just mean that you can switch to manual focus quickly via the focus ring.



  • Zoom Lock (ZL) : Lens has a zoom lock. Usually for the long extending lens to prevent zoom creep.



Tamron calls their stabilization technology Vibration Compensation (VC). Pretty much the same thing behind other “anti-shake” technology – where some lens elements move to counter the shake.



  • 1:1 macro : This lens can focus up close and shoot life size macro.
  • Rounded Diaphragm (RD) : Has a rounded diaphragm (usually hexagon or polygon), produces truly round bokeh balls and creamy backgrounds.
  • Filter Effect Control (FEC) : This lens has a special “filter rotate ring”, which you can rotate a filter easily even with the hood attached. Quite handy for filters such as CPL… otherwise useless if you shoot without the hood and 100mm square filters.
  • Moisture Resistant : Sort of water proof, but not too sure about dust proof. Sort of weather sealed, I guess.


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