The Complete Samyang Lens Abbreviations and Acronyms Glossary



Samyang, some may have heard of it as the Korean noodle. But the Korean Lens Maker has been around since the 1970s and manufacturing all sorts of optics. Not many may have heard of the Samyang brand, but maybe Vivitar, Falcon, Rokinon, Walimex, Bower, Opteka, Bell & Howell, Polar, and Pro-Optic will ring a bell.

Yep, Samyang manufactures lens for all these brand names. So when you are buying any of those, think Samyang. Each brand may have their abbreviations and acronyms slightly different, but the technology should be the same.




Samyang’s range of lens is simple.

  • Manual Focus (MF) Photography Lens
  • Auto Focus (AF) Photography Lens
  • Cinematic lens (Cine)
  • Professional Cinematic




  • Aspherical (AS) : Shape of the lens… read this.
  • Extra-low Dispersion (ED) : Lens with low light dispersion, improves sharpness and less chromatic aberration.
  • Multi Coating (MC) : Lens with multiple layers of coating, protects the glass and improves overall quality.
  • Ultra Multi Coating (UMC) : An improved version of MC.
  • Nano-Crystal Coating (NCS) : Anti-reflection coating.
  • X-Coating : Er… even betterer lens coating.




  • FE : Full-Frame E-Mount.
  • CS : Lens for Crop Sensor Cameras.
  • MFT : Lens for Micro Four Thirds (4/3).
  • VG10 : Lens for Sony Nex-VG10.



  • Tilt shift (T-S) : Read on Wikipedia.
  • Fisheye : Read on Wikipedia.
  • Macro : Shoots up-close and small.
  • VDSLR : Lens is specific for SLR video.
  • Reflex Mirror : Or known as catadioptric lens, used for astronomy.


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