X-Light (Cross Light) Photography first started out in 2013 as a Facebook Page, to share the works of a “serious hobbyist” photographer.

It has since grown into a full fledged website to fulfill someone’s ego, and to share some good stuff around.

For those who are curious about the story behind “Cross Light”, I have to apologize that there are no popcorn worthy stories.

“Cross Light” simply meant “not just photography”, but a combination of many creative branches, such as Photoshop, effects and maybe even movie production.


I have a pen, I have a lens.

Congratulations, you have found the secret boss! My name is W.S. Toh, a Jedi Knight self-taught photographer from Singapore.

I began photography in 2007 with a simple Olympus camera. Point-and-shoot was too simple for my awesome force powers, so after about a year in 2009, I made my swap to a better Nikon DSLR camera.

Never looked back since, and my wallet became lighter over the years with an ever growing heavy camera gear collection.

I started out as a landscape photographer (shy guy has difficulty talking to girls), but later made an interesting switch into cosplay photography. Bringing out the epic in my favorite anime and characters, why not?

Challenge accepted.

I instantly fell in love cosplay photography, and it is something that I can enjoy doing for a lifetime. It is something that I can unleash my awesome noob powers of throwing feathers, spraying water and burning things.

That said, I am still a landscape photographer, a nature lover. I am still an avid, die hard gamer. I am also an anime fan.

In real life, I am a quiet person and look like an angry dark Sith lord. But fear not, I shall never thread into the dark side.

So feel free to say hi, or drop a comment on my X-Light Photography Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting X-Light Photography, and see you around!

P.S. I also dabble in the dark arts of SEO and content writing. Check out my other blog – Wealth Ingress if you like blogging stuff.


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