The Complete Tamron Lens Abbreviations

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Tamron, yet another great third party lens maker. Established 1950 in Japan, Tamron is by no means a small fry… even Sony has some shares in Tamron. Tamron has a long history of producing lens, and this guide will walk you through their alien language abbreviations.


  • Digitally Integrated (Di) : Range of lens made for the digital full frame cameras, which can be mounted on the crop (APS-C) sensor cameras as well.
  • Digitally Integrated II (Di-II) : Range of lens for crop sensor cameras.
  • Digitally Integrated III (Di-III) : Lens built for the mirrorless (crop / micro four-thirds) cameras.
  • Super Performance (SP) : An alternate way to say “expensive professional grade lens”.


  • Aspherical (ASL) : The shape of this lens is sexy. Please read “aspherical” on Wikipedia.
  • Low Dispersion (LD) : Lens built with glass to reduce chromatic aberrations.
  • Extra Low Dispersion (XLD) : The improved version of low dispersion.
  • High Index, High Dispersion (HID) : A confusing way to say “better glass”.
  • Anomalous Dispersion (AD) : Special glass for better color correction and chromatic aberrations control.
  • Extra Refractive (XR) : Supposedly lighter and more compact lens.
  • LAH : A combination of ‘LD + ASL’.
  • ADH : A combination of ‘AD +ASL’
  • Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency Coating (eBAND) : A very long confusing name and special lens coating. Very simply reduces flaring, ghosting, and improves image quality.


  • Ultra Silent Drive (USD) : Not to be confused with “United States Dollars”, this is Tamron’s silent auto-focus motor.
  • Piezo Drive (PZD) : A smaller, lighter and more efficient AF motor.
  • Built-in Motor (BIM) : This lens has a built-in motor, so if your camera does not have one, AF will still work.
  • Internal Focusing (IF) : The focus ring will not turn while auto-focus is working.
  • AF/MF : This lens has a dedicated manual focus override switch.
  • Full-Time Manual Focus (FTM) : Note, this is a rather misleading abbreviation. The lens still has auto-focus, but this just mean that you can switch to manual focus quickly via the focus ring.


  • Zoom Lock (ZL) : Lens has a zoom lock. Usually for the long extending lens to prevent zoom creep.


Tamron calls their stabilization technology Vibration Compensation (VC). Pretty much the same thing behind other “anti-shake” technology – where some lens elements move to counter the shake.


  • 1:1 macro : This lens can focus up close and shoot life size macro.
  • Rounded Diaphragm (RD) : Has a rounded diaphragm (usually hexagon or polygon), produces truly round bokeh balls and creamy backgrounds.
  • Filter Effect Control (FEC) : This lens has a special “filter rotate ring”, which you can rotate a filter easily even with the hood attached. Quite handy for filters such as CPL… otherwise useless if you shoot without the hood and 100mm square filters.
  • Moisture Resistant : Sort of water proof, but not too sure about dust proof. Sort of weather sealed, I guess.

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