Warcraft Movie… it’s kind of bad?

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I have been a Warcraft player since donkey years ago, and the news of a Warcraft movie got me all excited. Being one of those Asian dudes growing up in a “what can games do for you except waste time” family, this movie is a huge milestone to disprove the age old beliefs.

The gaming industry has grown so much over the years, and has now finally gotten so big to be hitting the big screen. Hell yeah! I don’t think most of the older generations will even understand the buzz behind all these. But still, the journey from a bulky 15″ CRT monitor to a cinema is something to be celebrated.


The Warcraft movie is as based on the Warcraft video games and novels. Set in the world of Azeroth, where the peace of the alliance (humans, dwarves and elves) is broken by invading orc hordes. The homeworld of the orcs is dying, and one bad-ass orc warlock Gul’dan opens a portal into Azeroth to seek a new home. The clueless humans are left with burning villages and a portal to close. All right, no more spoilers to those who have not watched or know the Warcraft world.


The movie is mostly filmed in the studio. Yep, this is one CG heavy movie. For those who are expecting some “wow” landscape or CG, please don’t. It is not quite on par with a big budget Hollywood movie. In most parts of the movie, I can still tell the stark difference between a human actor, and a CG orc. The landscape is unmistakable all computer generated.

Story wise, I would say it’s paper thin. I can even summarize the entire story into one short sentence – “Orcs invade humans, humans defend”. There are no diplomacy, no clever tactics, no strategies, and no deep plots. All the battles seem to adopt two simple strategies – “rush in and die” or “retreat and die”. Huge disappointment for a real time strategy game adaptation. The few redeeming points are a decent soundtrack, decent action, and decent story flow.


Overall, this movie just feels odd and missing out on something. If there is a sentence to describe it, I will use “missing out the huge theatrical elements”. The Warcraft “movie” really just feels like I am watching a 2 hours game video in 4k. Maybe because it followed too much of the game, and is made by a game studio after all?

Not to say that this movie is bad per se… It is still decent in many way, and it tickled my nostalgia as a Warcraft fan. But to other people who are not Warcraft fans? I do not know. Maybe I am expecting too much for a game adaption. But will I want to see more “game movies” in the future? That answer is definitely a yes.

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