The Hero Behind Every Photo

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So I have had shoots canceled, and been stuck indoors from the freaky stormy rainy weather lately. Climate change, that really needs to be addressed. Anyway, rain, no shoot, stuck indoors, and some free time? Free time is good time to give something back to the community.

Having too much some free time on hand, I decided to write out some of my thoughts… or rather, Photoshop out some thoughts. Ever see that “wow” photo and wonder who is the photographer? I bet not. Before you turn on the flamethrower, I confess. I am also sometimes guilty of “who is the photographer never crossed my mind”.


Maybe not all of you give a scheisse to who the photographer is. But I still know some good people who wonder about who goes behind the scene. I am not here to judge or criticize people who forgets about all the people “behind the scene”. I am not an attention whore either.

But my point here being, I am also one of those “forgotten person who is behind the scene”. My goal is to perfect my works, my goal is for the people to appreciate my works… even if they do not know who I am. This sounds kind of sad, ain’t it?

So please people, while we do not always paste a huge “I MADE THIS, NOW CLAP” on our photo like this:

It will be nice to give some credits and recognition for all the efforts from time to time. This is what drives us forward to become better.


Now to “practice what I preach”. I use these sites called “Pixabay” and “Pexels” for my stock photo needs a lot. Sadly, I am a broke photographer and cannot afford to buy them a round of drinks. So this is what I will do instead – raise some awareness, give them credit.

Yep, to all you people out there who does Photoshop, these are good places to get some stock photos. They are totally free, even for commercial use. These photos are “safe to use”, so you have no fear of getting bitten in the behind by those greedy lawfool bugs.

Such a great community of photographers, they need support. Buy them some drinks if you can.


There is someone behind those awesome photos… and some of them might even be risking their lives to bring you that moment of truth. (Especially the war journalists) We don’t speak to you directly, but we let our works speak. We don’t need to be in the spotlight like superstars do. Just some credits, and some recognition will keep us going.

Right, enough epic dramatic speech. Now for my little bit of contribution… using whatever creative cells I have.

You can download this photo here – They are all composed of free photos, so do I freely give it away. Use it for whatever you want.

P.S. Maybe I should make this into a series? “Name your favorite photographer, and I will turn him/her into a hero”.  😆

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