Anime to Watch : Spring 2016

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Howdy people, welcome to my anime watch list. These are my picks for the season, as based on having watched at least 2 episodes of each series. These are ultimately my personal picks and are subjected to my… ego. So don’t flame me if our tastes don’t match.  😛

But as an “anime senpai”, you can rest assure that I am extremely picky about what I watch. I rate the series with “fireballs”, because, why not?

5 Fireballs : The highest honor I can give to an anime series. Watch this at all costs. If you don’t, you will regret that decision for the rest of your life.
4 Fireballs : Highly recommended, watch this series. Skip your exams, sacrifice your sleep, or take leave from work if you must.
3 Fireballs : A decent series. Catch up on this after you have watched the highly recommended ones.
2 Fireballs : Meh. Does not hurt you to miss this one. Watch if you have too much free time on hand.
1 Fireball : My eyes, they burn! My ears, they bleed! NO!!!!!


Ace Attorney | 逆転裁判~その『真実』、異議あり!~

The wildly popular game finally makes it’s way into an anime series, but is it any good? Well, I feel like watching an anime adaptation of the game. Literally. I was expecting much more, but guess that did not happen. I am not saying it’s bad, but there’s nothing stunning about it as well.

Boku no Hero Academia | 僕のヒーローアカデミア

This reminds me so much of One Punch Man. If you love One Punch Man, you will most likely love this one too. But no, this is not a OPM clone. The protagonist follows the “traditional” path of a being weak cry baby to an aspiring hero. Not sure what exactly attracted me to this series, but it’s probably… ONE PUNCH!!!

Flying Witch | ふらいんぐうぃっち

Following the stereotype anime trend, you will be expecting an action type series with a lot of magic. But no. Flying witch turns out to be a mild series about a modern day teenage-school-girl-witch. There is no Harry Potter in this one, but still has some broom action. Don’t expect fireballs and tornadoes, there’s only decently interesting characters and warm humor.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress | 甲鉄城のカバネリ

Must. Watch. Hit me hard right off the first episode, and it just gets better. It’s an awesome combination of old Japan, steampunk, zombie apocalypse and Attack on Titan. Plus, this has an epic ending song by Egoist.

Kiznaiver | キズナイーバーリ

From the crew that brought you Kill la Kill, now comes Kiznaiver. This is yet another hit, with an interesting concept of sharing pain and a group of colorful characters… or rather oddballs.

Macross Delta | マクロスΔ

Another Macross series! I have been watching Macross since 25 years ago, and no kidding, none of them have disappointed me. As a Macross fan, I am immediately hooked to the song, dance, machine and big guns setting. Macross Delta seems to be going for the catchy idol group theme this time, but still remains true to their root. Only one thing I did not like – Macross Delta has a very b*tchy female vocal lead… please give me back my Sheryl Nome.

Mayoiga | 迷家

The story goes – a group of social runaways signed up for a trip to an abandoned village to restart their life. But they did not expect what is coming for them… the village itself is shrouded in mystery and there is a reason why it remains uninhabited…

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu | Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活

What happens when you die in a game and restart from your last save point? You get Zero kara Hajimeru (restart from zero). We have a lot of “protagonist gets summoned to alternate world” anime, but this one is actually a lot more interesting. As in, the protagonist died multiple times. Like a good Dark Souls player, each time the protagonist dies, he restarts from a certain “save point”… and has to figure out which “death flag” to avoid.

Sakamoto desu ga | 坂本ですが?

I am not entirely sure how to describe this series. It’s about someone who is smooth in doing everything? Eh. Just not my cup of tea.

Sousei no Onmyouji | 双星の陰陽師

More exorcists show. Nah, nothing really explosive about this series. Just some action, decent characters and decent story. Take this as a filler for D.Gray Man and Blue Exorcist.

Enride | エンドライド

Oh, got summoned into an alternate world, had some special power, fight some bad guys. Boring.

Joker Game | ジョーカー・ゲーム

One of those spy game anime set in the late 1930s. Has some action but mostly a mind game… which some may come to love or hate. Well, to me, Production IG has done a good job with this series. Not really outstanding to me as Ghost in the Shell, but still a mighty decent series to follow up with.

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